my sacrifice

March 13, 2007

March 13, 2007

I went go cart racing for the 1st time this past weekend!  While Im naturally a fast driver, I do have to say, that the speed exerted when I pressed on the gas pedal felt too powerful for me to control.  I was a light rider who maneuvered turns easily; however, I was admittedly scared being in a cockpit of men who were experienced in force, speed and power.

It is amazing to be able to ride as fast as I could without warning to slow down and while there were some rules, the unauthorized idea of go cart racing is being able to go fast, compete with other skilled drivers and fine tune your heightened awareness from the thrill to strategize your moves, capitalize on your strengths and analyze what will make you a better racer. Like in life, discovering your innate talents requires similar rules found in cart racing. It requires you to ultimately move fast, move forward and move fortuitously in an environment where human rules no longer apply. 

The only rules that exist are between you and the power you wish to exert in this world.

Besides spending a lot of quality time with friends and family members, I was also experiencing my last days as an employee with a company Ive grown to love and respect. As I packed my desk at the corporate office on Friday, I realized that while life has its interesting twists and turns, all obstacles past and present were personally selected by me.  I wrote in my private diary months beforehand that a paradigm shift was causing internal changes and I began anticipating something big to happen.  That small action to manifest a single thought on paper is what created the ultimate ripple effect of the change my close peers witnessed in these last couple weeks.

Right now Im creating certain life circumstances that are very uncomfortable, incredibly unpredictable and really unstable.  The path has not been cleared yet and the road map has not even been writtenbut I am preparing for a journey right now, and it will require the same consistency of reflection, concentration and vision that got me here today so I can get to where I want to be in 5 years. 

It is often said that nothing great comes without sacrifice.and right now, I am sacrificing a sense of self in an effort to find a new identity in the awakening of the giant that has been asleep inside of me.

There is a giant asleep inside of all of us we can all feel its presence.

  • when we overcome a difficult adversity
  • when we find mental fortitude in times of trial
  • when we discover a new strength in a period of weakness

We are all giants asleep in a world where physical elements, material things and egotistical tendencies rule how we feel, act and see ourselves.but there are moments like I experienced on the race track, when you realize that the only rules you have to abide by are the rules you alone choose to honor.

The biggest honor you own is the ability to manifest the power inside your being for a cause greater than yourself. In this crossroad between past and future, there lies a tunnel with a dim light resonating with the light found inside your heart to make that journey alone.Do not be afraid of your light.

Your light will awaken the rest of the world

I added rss feed links to as well as a donations page for those interested in supporting the site and helping the elderly. Have a blessed week everyone!

Me and the birthday girl, Christine Kang, at Avalon Thursday night.

Even though I am the eldest, I usually get mistaken as the youngest sister!

With Christine’s boyfriend, Edgar!

Fun Group shot with Angel’s Friends. 

We are all Kang Women. 

With Edgar’s baby girl Katelyn and my niece Danielle at Sunday Lunch.

Last Day at work! I resigned 2 weeks ago