My Resolutions.

January 6, 2010

January 5, 2010

This year has started with a bang. I have an important parent meeting Wednesday for my nonprofit program, an Open House for my new business Thursday, my grandfathers (and Christians) birthday on Friday and Christians 1st birthday party on Saturday. These last few days have been inundated with running errands, purchasing supplies, inviting people, organizing agendas, completing projects and checking off to do lists. While preparing for these events, I am still performing my daily work, which has made this week already crazy long (and its only Tuesday).

Its a new year an exciting year with a lot of things I’m looking forward to. I have resolutions each year (as everyone does) but I think its more accurate to say I have resolutions almost every week, perhaps everyday. 

I review my resolutions by reflecting on The Three Ps in my life: my Professional, Personal and Physical goals. This year, all three should be progressing as   there are so many milestones approaching.

Professionally I am focused on building, building, building! My goal is to calculate my success by tripling my income in the next year. Not only will my new business catapult that profit, but my additional streams of income from managing care facilities,writing articles and managing nonprofit programs will now just supplement a steady earning.  I plan to do this by working every day towards advertising, networking and seeking the right people for my specific market. I don’t plan to change my life too much I will just be doing what Ive been doing these past few years, but now owning the progress I make and most importantly, the profit I create. Besides expanding my businesses,I also want to build a solid volunteer base for FWB, garner two grants and institute three more school programs.

Personally I want to be the best mother to our expanding family. I want to create a home environment that encourages creativity, laughter, consistency and love. I also want to continue spending quality time with my friends and family, but most of all; I want to make special efforts to create quality moments.  I do plan to travel at some point this year and enjoy every first milestone (as I did with Christian) with our second son.Lastly, I want to be more present with the people I love. Being at the brink of losing my mother has made me more aware of how fragile life is how fleeting it continues to be. I want to absorb every single second.

Physically I want to be in the best shape of my life when I turn 30 years old on November 26th.This will be approximately 7 months after I give birth to our second son. Not only do I want to have lean arms, legs, glutes and abs, but I want to complete a half marathon and book a few photo shoots that will set me up for 2011. This will be an awesome feat as I know being a working mother with two small babies will create many obstacles for me. I plan on purchasing a new stationary bike to train before they awake, eliminating junk food from my diet and holding myself accountable to readers on (and you!)

My three Ps will be more specific as I break down the journey into months, weeks and days.  I’m the type of person who will break it down to what I can do RIGHT NOW to create the wave of change Im striving to generate for tomorrows gains. Its not just about setting goals its about setting new habits creating new routines and refining your way of thinking.

Sure, I struggled with my work, dealt with personal pain andphysically turned into a big bellybut Im not focusing on what I am today orwho I was yesterday. Im focusing on what I want tomorrow. 

Thats what goal setting is aboutfocusing on the future, thinking good thoughts and becoming what you want to be RIGHT NOW.

Thoughts becomeThings.

Happy New Year everyone and God Bless.

Journal Pictures: January 5, 2010

New Years Eve 2010

Visitng my parents before heading out to a late dinner at
“The Firehouse” in downtown Old Sacramento.

25 weeks preggers…and still working it!

goofy man.

Since I was pregnant AGAIN this New Years Eve, I thought we wouldn’t
do anything…but we ended up having an elegant dinner downtown topped
with fireworks at the stroke of midnight. We watched them from their courtyard.