My new path to baby #3

May 11, 2011

May 10, 2011

My updates have been erratic lately. Most often it’s because in the past I would update this site during late evening hours when I don’t have writer’s block and am free of any distractions. Now, it is rare when I don’t accidently  fall asleep with my children at 9pm. Throughout the day I have some moments in my schedule, but not any  long enough for me to finish a quality paragraph.

Secondly, my children are also waking earlier. If I don’t get out the house to train at exactly at 5:30am, Christian will come running out crying if he hears the garage open. Life is no longer about creating my own fixed schedule, concentrating in my own daily hobbies and enjoying free time without feelings of guilt. As a mother, I’ve learned to compromise with my new restrictions, exhibit patience with my incomplete projects and become more forgiving of my emotional weaknesses.  

Lastly I’ve been plagued with bouts of extreme fatigue this type of exhaustion stems from a source greater than my two energetic boys and multiple projects combined.

In fact, all my weakness stems from an itsy, bitsy embryo, which has drained me of all energy these past few weeks.


We are pregnant again.

My husband and I were excited to discover several weeks ago that we were expecting again, after all, we planned on having one more child that was close in age with our other two. He/(hopefully she) will be arriving this December.that makes me giving birth to a baby every year since 2009!

While I usually train while pregnant, eat mildly well and lose the baby fat’ fairly quickly it doesn’t mean that I don’t go through the normal insecurities of feeling my energy dissipate and watching my body change and GROW in more directions than one. You would think I would be used to the pregnancy cycle, but I’m not.

Especially the labor part.

I love being a mother though. And I love my husband and I absolutely adore our family. I love watching them play with cars, stack their sippy cups and walk around in my athletic shoes.  I love kissing their soft skin, seeing their angelic faces smile and placing my nose close to their breath as they fall asleep. After I’m done writing this, I’m going to turn on the radio and dance with them, they love to dance! And move, and play, and laugh, and smile

In a blink of an eye I went from a single woman to a wife and mother of nearly 3 children.

There is no doubt this is my path and as I stare at my beautiful sons, there is no doubt they were meant to be mine

God Bless everyone.

With Brian at his birthday dinner in San Francisco

Bowling with my mom-me fit club! Can you find me?

Celebrating Danielle’s first Holy Communion