my marriage

July 9, 2008

July 9, 2008

Since our engagement a lot of stuff has been happening: not necessarily in our lives but in
all the events, obligations and engagements we have every day.  Interestingly enough, a lot of people ask me tons of questions like: when it will be, what color have I chosen, where is the reception, etc. etc. etc.

And honestly while it seems I’m a little dreamer…I never dreamt of my wedding.

I always dreamt of my marriage.

I dreamt about being with someone I can travel the world with…confide in…share ambitions with…

I dreamt of a spiritual partnership
 – not just a union based on convenience and mediocre compatibility. I’ve always believed that your husband, or your wife…exists to help one
other get to heaven. They are supposed to make you a better person not through their own teachings, but through your own internal growth when you struggle in a relationship that requires you to think of two and not just you.

Throughout my life, many people have coached me to not get married too young. I was coached to focus on school, achieve in my profession, ‘live it up’ in my twenties and not ‘settle’ until you had all your ducks lined up. However, I’ve always firmly believed that your partner is one of the greatest gifts God will give you in your lifetime. They help you learn, allow you to grow and accept you for all your good and bad features. They see through your superficial shell, passed your physical body and right into your innocent heart…the heart of a person born from love, made to love and created to love you.

Should we find the mate who inspires us, unconditionally loves us and constantly supports us when we die one day….we will only regret not having met our partner sooner.

When I’ve shown my engagement ring to people, some have pointed out that the heart should be turned around facing the looker. While it’s debatable whether a heart shaped diamond should face the owner or the onlooker I believe that it should face me.

The ring is representative of our love and not how much people believe he loves me.
Next year, our wedding will symbolize the richness of our love and not exhibit how much wealth we have.

The union and joining of two people is not easy, nor is it easier when fairytales guide our dreams and onlookers judge our united strength.

Our date is scheduled for July 25, 2009.

I’m not certain that it will be a large affair as I am not too fond of lavish things simplicity has always been my natural route.

On that day, I will know that I’ve evaluated every evolution that took place in my heart, in my ego and in my soul..that led me to that day, when I make a decision that will change my life forever.

Journal Pictures July 8, 2008

make festive cakes every year. This year, I made Angel food cake for a
care home and the dinner party I attended at my good friend, Brian’s
house in San Francisco! It was sooo delicious!

We went on a spontaneous trip to Santa Cruz on Saturday.
My feet are the ones with red toe nails

Here we are! I was so nervous we would drop the camera.

David testing his strength.

He was ALMOST there! We got a balloon hammer as our prize.

The water was ccooolllldd at first! But it was a relief from the sun.
(That’s me running from the waves)
I couldn’t believe it! I got a sun burn on my forehead and nose…and I never burn!
Our weather is seriously changing.