my college years.

October 6, 2010

October 5, 2010

My days have slowed down ten-fold. Right now I am enjoying quiet time as both boys are napping and I am finishing emails and updates online. Later this evening I have two meetings and an errand, but absolutely nothing else, which makes life very exciting. While there are always things to do, I realize that I really need time where there is nothing to do nothing but watch television, take a bath with the boys or walk mindlessly around Target. With the fall weather moving in, I feel a sense of peace and pleasure knowing that the year is nearly over and my favorite festive months are fast approaching.

This past weekend I had a girl’s night out in Palo Alto, California. It was a nice evening filled with Cuban food, Mojito’s and bars. There I was, breaking in my 4-inch sparkly heels, walking on uneven cobblestone, surrounded by drunken college students. Now that I’m nearly 30 and a mother of two, it was definitely an environment I felt absolutely awkward in. In a sense, I missed the innocence, playfulness and carefree attitude many of the people displayed after all, I was once that college girl enjoying flirtations across the room and dancing in the middle of the dance floor. It was always fun to see familiar faces found in lecture halls inside the loud atmosphere of a crowded bar.

I enjoyed my college years. I loved walking around our groomed campus, studying in the large library hall, eating in the various eateries and going to study groups throughout the week. I commuted 45 minutes from Elk Grove to UC Davis for my freshman and sophomore years.  It was a lonely period since most students met each other in the dormitories and spent a lot of time mingling after school hours. I was often on the road, working as a restaurant server or spending time with my family or boyfriend. My junior year I began taking classes that required me to attend school five days a week. Even though my heart always longed to be close to my family (which is why I chose UC Davis and commuted the first two years) I decided to finally make the move to Davis. It was a tough decision as my father and boyfriend at the time were not supportive.

I moved out in a shared two bedroom apartment with three other girls. My roommate, Phan, is my oldest girlfriend whom I met in fifth grade while attending Franklin Elementary. I distinctly remember my portion of the rent being $177.58. It was a sweet deal and an opportunity I couldn’t let pass.

My first months living on my own was a very exciting period going grocery shopping was one thing, but having no accountability to anyone else was another thing. This autumn weather reminds me of that freedom, excitement and solace I felt in that moment of my life. While withered flowers and dead leaves bring a falling’ energy this weather actually symbolizes the times in my life when I have given rebirth to myself.

At the end of November I will be turning 30 years old. The end of my twenties the excitement found in my college years, my traveling years, my city years and my dating years will now be encapsulated in a decade that I will fondly remember when nights like Friday night bring back those significant memories. This is my time to reflect…to slow down…and to revere each special yet seemingly insignificant day. For each day is a gift and a passing moment that will soon become a piece of my life’s memory.

Journal Pictures October 5 2010

Girls night out with my Maid of Honor, Borina Mak! (in purple)

During my college years! This was my first Spring Break.
We went on a cruise to Mexico! It was so much fun with Katya and Shelly.

This is a blurry shot of my first ever shared room in college.
I was 20 in these photos.

This was when I was 21, studying at Beijing Normal University in China.