my biggest lesson of 2007

January 1, 2008

January 1, 2008

Aloha! I am in Hawaii right now typing on a wicker couch and sensing
the cool, coastal breeze of the Pacific Ocean.  Beside me is David, and
to his right is his brother Daniel.
After a long couple days, we are all working on our laptops, catching
up on emails, listening to music and watching videos online. I still
have my damp bikini on, covered by a strapless summer dress. My stomach
is still full from the only meal I ate today, which consisted of a
large slice of thin crusted, veggie pizza from Davids favorite local

Its been an amazing year of 2007.

While my main objectives last year were to become a published writer,
have a fitness column, understand my own religion more, go on my annual
international trip to New Zealand and start a nonprofit, I did much

Last year, my desire was to build a life force.  In
the course of my experiences, I rediscovered friendships, my family and
myself in times of regret, anxiousness, joy, triumph, sadness and

Despite crazy changes in my life,
I still remained focused on what was most important: the remembrance
and reverence for the things I had versus the things I didn’t have.  When
I made calculated risks and lost some of the titles I once felt
symbolized me, I found myself. When I left my job earlier last year I
said, I don’t want more, instead, I want to know more of what I
already have. And I have.

The biggest thing I learnt was having gratitude.

This year, let us all pray for more gratitude a spiritual knowing of
our daily blessings each day when we awake. to become writers of our
own life story.

This is your story. Write it.  

Journal Pictures January 1, 2008

Happy New Years Everyone!!

At the stroke of midnight – Kissing my greatest blessing of 2007!

David and I in Oahu, Hawaii (the place he was raised)
We began the evening at a house party where we had wine, fireworks and awesome seafood
with his childhood friend Leo, and his girlfriend, Anna.

Morning face. No Make Up. This year and every year…I’m always trying to keep it real.

Honolulu! It was so pretty today! I look like a local girl

Penguins! What a surprise!!! So, So, So CUTE!!

LLLLLOOOVVEEDD the beach. Such a great exofoliant for the skin

Trying to get a tan! I get so white in the winter! (my natural skin tone is very fair)

David coming back from body boarding. I sat around and jumped the waves! BUT! I can’t wait to snorkel!

He surprised me with a Glider flight yesterday! (I took the picss on a disposable camera)
I have so much gratitude in my heart.

Learn from yesterday. Live for today. Hope for tomorrow. – Einstein

Have a prosperous, happy and healthy new year y’all!
Dream big, take calculated risks and become who you want to be!

My Reflections of 2007!