Mornings with my son

October 7, 2009

October 6, 2009

Yesterday I looked at David, pointed at my belly and said,  Do I look fat?
He laughed and responded, No, you look pregnant. In a matter of a couple days, my belly has developed a small bump. After months of not gaining weight or experiencing any real pregnancy symptom, I’m finally starting to realize I’m housing a little, tiny, itsy bitsy person  inside of me.

We heard the baby’s heartbeat today and it was amazing! For only being an inch big, the heartbeat sounded loud, healthy and fast. My new baby bump coupled with the baby’s heartbeat has made today become the first day I really felt pregnant again.

While I don’t get morning sickness, cravings or nausea, I do get really fatigued during my first trimester of pregnancy. Now that I’m entering my second trimester, I’m relieved as my daily schedule has changed. I try to get to bed by 10:00pm every night so I can wake up at 5:07am to get to the gym then attend the 7:00am Tri-Falcons 4 Fitness program
at Albiani Middle School. If I’m lucky, I could get home by the time Christian awakes so I can feed, change and play with him. The rest of the day is filled with my standard errands, emails, articles, updates, programming and phonecalls. However, it seems I have more meeting engagements that inundate my busy schedule.

As I was training on the cardio machine early this morning I kept thinking, I hope I can get back in time to watch Christian wake up. To me, that’s the best part of my day: watching him slowly open his eyes, yawn, stare, ecstatically smile and jump all over me. I love starting a new day with my little son.

There I was…at 5:45am, sweating on the stairmaster…thinking about how fast life moves and how fleeting our life moments quickly pass. One day I’m enjoying mornings with my son, the next week I’m working and can only  come home when he’s finished breakfast…
One day I’m shocked by the small bump in my belly, the next moment I’m ready to give birth to my second child.
Life passes so fast.

It’s humbling to remind yourself that each moment is impermanent and that life is in constant movement

It’s humbling to be grateful of days passed, hopeful of days to come and
aware of days like today…a day I rushed home to see my little son wake
He won’t always be so young, I won’t always be so busy, and life won’t always be this way.

Times in our lives are moments never to be returned. We will get older…our lives will change…and one day the shadow of our death will eclipse the beauty of our youth.

Cherish life now.

Journal Pictures: October 6, 2009

At the “Great Giant Pumpkin Festival” on Saturday.
That’s a huge pumpkin!

Little man stands now!

At the juvenile diabetes walk on Sunday with the Golden State Lions club.

Baby Christian was ready to go!…until we found out his tires were flat!