LCHS 10 year reunion

December 2, 2008

December 2, 2008

On Saturday night I attended the Laguna Creek High School 10 year reunion. It was an event most people were iffy’ about. After all, high school is a transient time and learning curve for most people. As for me, I’ve always been a bit of a social butterfly so it wasn’t too hard to feel  at home with people I spent 4+ years of my life with. While high school was definitely hard sometimes, I can’t give credit to who I am today without giving respect to all the things that has developed
my strength, passion and character in my past.

When I was intimidated be girls in high school, I re-focused my angry energy towards reading psychology books, working out and studying, instead of wasting it on peers who would’ve loved knowing
they got’ to me.

When I wanted to switch schools, I disciplined my desire to leave, cry or even become anti-social, by staying and dealing with an uncomfortable environment.

When I felt alone and isolated from my peers, I prayed each night and became reconnected with God and my belief that: You shouldn’t tell God how big your problems are, you should tell your
problems how big God is.

High school was a great growth period for me. I have found that in most people’s lives, every 4 years prior catapults the 4 years following. Challenges and struggles build lessons and momentums that create the  natural waves and seasons in everyone’s life. For example, after graduating high school, I competed in pageantry and fitness competitions, traveled and graduated college. However, at the age of 22/23, the wave of success in my life began to deteriorate due to my eating disorder and perfectionist tendencies. After undergoing a lot of restructuring in my life in the years after, at the age of 28, I am re-emerging as a mother, a wife, and a nonprofit founder.

The next year should be interesting as I’ve been planting a lot of seeds in these last few years. It’s exciting to know that as long as you keep your internal spirit stable and balanced that regardless of the tide, your life’s ocean will always be grounded by the weight of your awareness.

Significant life moments, both good and bad, are meant to be celebrated and understood. For every person, every place and every decision are all significant to our purpose. When you realize your journey, it’s a lot easier to live in harmony with all the wonderful, stressful, annoying, awesome things that come our way.

Life has a cycle and a rhythm behind its reasonsit will never be ours to understand but it will always be ours to own. God Bless.

Journal Pictures: December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008. There were a TON of food.

I made the Macaroni and Cheese…and it was a HIT!

I looovvee being around my family.

10 year reunion on November 29, 2008.

I’m in the middle with the purple on It was actually a pretty good night.

My great friends, Claudia and Kim.

This was a fun picture David took.

With Claudia and Monique.

I went even though I was 8 months pregnant!

I looved sitting down. I was sore the next day from standing in heels with extra weight.

Chatting with Danielle. It was tough finding a dress that wasn’t maternity-ish.

With Torrey Johnson. Check out more pictures here.

High School as I remember…football and basketball games!

Love these guys!

Graduation Day with Boryna.