an Explosive evolution

November 13, 2008

November 12, 2008

Last Tuesday on Election Day, I cooked some pot stickers for lunch.  After boiling them, I decided to stir fry them as well (which I usually
don’t) since David was outside cleaning out the garage. So after letting the oil heat, I placed 3 pot stickers into the frying pan and
then all of a sudden.WHOOM! There was a burst of fire 3 feet high and larger than any flame I had seen in person. I immediately screamed for
David and was nervous that not only the kitchen but the whole house would burn down. I grabbed the pan handle and began running towards the
garage in an effort to bring the flame outside. As soon as I felt the fire burning my hands I threw the pan right before David
entered the door. His eyes quickly inspected the smell of smoke, the sound of the fire alarm and the sight of me terrified of what just
happened in a five second time frame.

We immediately went to the ER, where they bandaged me up and identified my burns to be second degree. There were large blisters on all fingers,
portions of my hair were burnt and my eyelashes and brows were singed. While they prescribed me pain killers, I resisted using them due to my
pregnancy. It turns out that the mix of oil and water caused the combustion. While I’ve cooked pot stickers many times in the past, this
time around, more water was trapped in the pot sticker than I had realized.

While it was frustrating to sit around with no mobility in my right hand and the stench of burnt hair, I still feel blessed that nothing more happened during that incident. Right now, even though my hand hurts, my body’s heavier and the weather is getting colder…I have never been more at ease about where I am in my life.

I don’t know what it was: it may have been the books I’ve been reading, the time spent with David or the recent gatherings with family and
friends but something spiritually did happen to me.

These past months, I’ve constantly thought of future plans, present problems and past regrets. Sometimes, I indulged in depressive thoughts that
overcame my psyche and wavered my positive energy. It wasn’t until recently when I started changing my environment by first changing my internal self.

I began accepting the present of living right now’. Every time I thought of the past or looked towards the future…I didn’t give credit to the present. I wasn’t living in the here and now’, instead, I was living in the if and when’.

The only reality that exists is what’s happening at this very moment. We must give gratitude to those blessings, for if we don’t…we fail to see
the beauty of everyone and every thing’s existence – including our own.

If we want to be happy

If we want to feel good about ourselves

Just BE happy.

It’s that simple. It’s a choice in your head a decision you make.
Happiness isn’t dependent on someone or something happening in your life…it’s dependent on the only thing that has power over everything: you.

Journal Pictures: November 10, 2008

The theme of my baby shower was “Pea in a Pod” I LOVED it!
(since my favorite color is green….and it sounds so Healthy!

We had Hershey bars and vanila candles as favors.

Boryna made this AWESOME diaper cake.
I was so impressed! (you will notice my little niece try and get in every picture! LOL)

Many of my bay area friends made the drive to Sacramento!
Here are my dear friends: Minji Wong and Betty Hsu

Claudia and I were cheerleaders in high school together!

The color scheme was green and yellow. The green rice krispy treats were a hit!

I’m so blessed to have a supportive, loving and caring family.
Thanks mom and uncle Eddie!

Brian and I are such a hoot together!

We received so many great gifts from family and friends.
David and I feel so blessd and overwhelmed with one little fella has!

This is an “Exer-Saucer” I LOVE it! His first exercise toy! LOL!

Such a cute diaper bag! David and I actually DID NOT coordinate our outfits. lol

Angel and Christine did an awesome job at putting this shower together. Thank you!
I literally just showed up as I was no use anyways (with my injured hand)

Is my dad ready for another grandchild?!!!!
YES we are!!!! He’s almost here!